Welcome! I’m An Li Liu, and I’m the founder and creative hand behind Slow Moon Rise. Based in Berkeley, California,  Slow Moon Rise is a small-batch, hand-printed, eco-conscious apparel brand.

Nature and Minimalism

My designs are inspired by the natural world — I incorporate animals and scenes from the great outdoors. While I’m very much a city person, I have a special kinship with the natural world both near and far. Mountains are a perennial favorite.

When it comes to design, I believe less is more! I use simple graphics and patterns, and sometimes geometric shapes to cultivate a sense of fun and whimsy. When I first began printing apparel, I would hand-cut stencils that I printed from; this technique dictated some of the style. Over time, I changed my process, but that minimal essence continues.

How I Got to Here

I began my business as An Li Studio in Cambridge, MA several years ago after moving to the US from my home in Canada. I had previously worked in New Media Design, and while I enjoyed it, I realized that I missed hands-on, physically making things. I had always enjoyed painting and crafting, and spending all of my time at a computer wasn’t my ideal situation. So, I taught myself to screen-print and began to sell online and at a few local events.

Quality is really important to me. I only use premium quality garments from sweatshop-free manufacturers like American Apparel, Los Angeles Apparel, and Alternative Apparel. I use non-toxic, water-based inks, and no chemical cleaners, and try to use very little water in my process. You’ll find that the shirts will last a long time! It’s important to me that the things we buy are long-lasting. I use recycled, and/or reusable packaging whenever possible. For me, it’s a small effort to try and lower my impact on the environment. Making choices like this something I can easily do to make a difference.

Making Art and Other Fun Things

In addition to my screen-printing business, I’m also a painter making colorful abstract paintings. Recently, I've also begun to tinker with ceramics. You can find more information and see my work here. In my off hours you can find me tooting around on my bike and at local yoga studios. I’ve been a practitioner for over 15 years and used to teach in the Boston area. It’s important to me to maintain an inner stillness in the midst of so much activity and external stimulation. Mind-body practices are essential for both my creativity and physical well-being. I'm also an ardent traveler, having spent a lot of time abroad. My favorite places are in South and South East Asia, and these places have inspired me very much in all aspects of my life. I can't wait for my next trip!

As of May 2019, I will be working from a really great space in North Oakland. My artist friend Carla Caletti and I have created Art Box Studios as a lively, inspired place to work and make. For more info, head here.